Installing LANSA Mobile Package using LANSA Package Manager

Running the sample application on your computer and get the URL

After package installation has completed successfully, go to the Installed Packages tab, then Samples sub-tab, and then expand the LANSA Mobile Components panel.

The sample app will open in a browser on your PC, and after a few seconds, a warning will appear as you are not meant to run the sample outside of LANSA Mobile.
Take note of the URL, replacing localhost with your computer IP address or hostname (make sure it is accessible from your device).

Running the sample application on your device in LANSA Mobile

Follow this guide to run the sample app inside LANSA Mobile

Using the Database Schema Editor to create & edit the local database schema

Before you start defining your local database schema, keep in mind that the on-device database is meant only as a transient, short-term data storage. Data must be (re-)validated/processed on the server during the synchronisation process.
The schema supports only primary key constraint, as it's not meant to be a full-fledge RDBMS system.

To run the schema editor, go to the Tools tab, and then click on the Database Schema Editor.

Opening the sample app database schema

After launching the schema editor app, click on the Open button, and choose the demo-device-sql-db.1.dbschema